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Hi, I'm Avital and I created Israel Kids. I am a trained social worker by trade, but after moving to Raanana three years ago, I thought, wow! There is so much happening for kids here and it'll take me a week just to muddle through the Hebrew find out what's going on! I thought wouldn't it be great to have all the kids activities in one central location, in English? I also thought if people could find all the services they need in one place, it would make people's lives so much easier!

That's how the idea for Israel Kids was born in February 2011.

With our directory, events page, and blog, we've been hitting 10,000+ clicks per month!

Now you can submit kid- and family-related businesses on our get listed page. 

With the help of some wonderful contributors, we are also able to tell you in detail about many different kids activities and events around Israel and also give you some creative tips for crafts at home. 

We offer coupons and even partnered up with a fantastic online store, to bring you kids toys and essentials right to your door! 

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I'd love other moms out there to get involved and share their own experiences, so send me an email at avital@israelkids.co.il if you are interested. 

Thank you to all of you for being such patient, loyal readers, and I'm looking forward to continuing to provide you with the most up-to-date, helpful information on kids activities and anything family in Israel! 

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Avital (that's me above!)

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 2. Looking for a music teacher? Pediatrician? Family Activity? Try our Directory

We are constantly adding services to our directory so keep checking. If you do not see it here, you can add it yourself or let the service provider know that they can add themselves through our "get listed" page. It’s free! Here’s the link

3. Local and Countrywide Events

Find information here about what's going on all over Israel. Take advantage of story-time, gymborees, local plays, and festivals.   If you'd like us to add your event, drop us a note to info@israelkids.co.il and we'll include you in the blog and our weekly updates.

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Find tips and articles on parenting, activities, health and general fun on our blog.  Guidelines for become a guest author on our blog are listed here.

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