Kosher Frugal came up with a great list of activities for Yom Haatmaut 2013. Enjoy!
Free Kids Activities on Yom Haatzmaut 2013
A most pleasant surprise awaited us at Nachal Poleg, near Netanya. We live in Raanana and we were looking for a gorgeous hiking spot that was relatively nearby. Well, we found one.
Kid-Friendly Tiyul to Nachal Poleg
If you’re feeling crafty, try printing this bingo game for your seder. It’s a great idea and all you have to do is glue the sheets to cardboard- voila!
Passover Bingo!
This pesach, try flower picking in Kedma! A great activity for a couple hours.
Pick flowers in Kedma this Pesach!
Looking for a respite from all the spring/Pesach cleaning? Perhaps something from our list will catch your fancy.
Kids Events For The Week of March 17th - 23rd
The weekly events are beginning to reflect upcoming spring and Pesach,
Kids Events For The Week of March 10th - 16th
Meet Nava Steinmetz, an artist who creates miniature art scenes.
The World in Miniature
Here’s our list of what’s awaiting you in the fun department around the country this week.
Kids Events For The Week of March 3rd - 9th
Here’s our list of events taking place from Feb. 26th - March 2nd. See our Purim blog for Feb 24th and 25th.
Kids Events For Feb 26th - March 2nd
Happy Purim. Purim and Shushan Purim this year fall on February 24 and 25.
Purim Events, 2013