If you’re feeling crafty, try printing this bingo game for your seder. It’s a great idea and all you have to do is glue the sheets to cardboard- voila!
Passover Bingo!
Meet Nava Steinmetz, an artist who creates miniature art scenes.
The World in Miniature
Here are some highlights off the Israel Kids Pinterest page.
Hanukkah Picks from Pinterest
Part of the fun of Chanukah is the anticipation, and aside from eating sufganiot for 2 weeks before, another great way to get your kids excited is through arts and crafts. My kids love these black magic kits they sell at the craft stores before Chanukah. They are no mess, instant, and the results are gorgeous. Plus they are perfect for age 3+. I even enjoyed doing them!
Easy Chanukah Party Black Magic Craft
This is such a creative idea and perfect for a fun afternoon outside in the park or even in the bathtub!
Make Your Own Bubbles!
Afternoons in our house have become filled with fun projects since I started working on Israel Kids. There is so much inspiration out there on blogs and other websites, that it’s almost addictive- and there is not enough time to do everything! But through all the crafts, paint, and glitter, this project really stood out. You can use any book, story, or play, and turn it into a plasticine creation!
Another way to Read a Book
Last week my daughter was "yaldat hashavua- girl of the week", which meant she got to do show and tell every day with special games, photos, dress-up, and anything special she wanted to share. The week culminated in a project to be done by the mother (or father) of the child, basically every parent’s worst nightmare (ok maybe not everyone, but thinking of an idea for 30 4-year-old’s is hard!).
Make Your Own Mitzvah Box!
I tried this craft with my baby and she loved it!
Parsha Project: Watercolor with your Toddler
My kids had fun doing this special parsha craft. This picture of a hand giving Yaacov’s blessing of "Hamalach Hagoel" was the blessing Yaacov gave to Ephraim and Menashe on his deathbed. It was a blessing of continuity and protection and we sing it each night before I put the kids to sleep.
Parshat Vayechi: Hamalach Hagoel Picture
Make some fun Chanukah crafts from inspiration on the web!
How to Make a Magnetic Chanukiah and More!