A most pleasant surprise awaited us at Nachal Poleg, near Netanya. We live in Raanana and we were looking for a gorgeous hiking spot that was relatively nearby. Well, we found one.
Kid-Friendly Tiyul to Nachal Poleg
This pesach, try flower picking in Kedma! A great activity for a couple hours.
Pick flowers in Kedma this Pesach!
A great way to spend a Friday or free day in February or March is to go have a picnic or hike at Givat Humra. The flowers are in bloom and it is the perfect weather to get out for a few hours.
Purple Iris on Givat Humra
Winter is the best time to hike in the desert, and the northern half of the Judean desert is the closest desert to the center of Israel. If you do decide to take to the trails this winter, make sure that you listen to the forecast, and do not hike if it’s raining or there is any danger of flood. It is highly recommended to have a trail map (simun shvilim) with you.
Winter is the time for Desert Hikes in Israel
Haifa has been called many things: "The Melting Pot on the Mountain," "Ir Ha’Polaim" (Laborer’s City), "Sanctuary City" and "Israel’s San Francisco." 2012 marks the 19th annual Hag Shel HaHagim (Holiday of Holidays) Festival in Haifa, a city known for its diverse religions, cultures, cuisines and scenery. The festival will be held at three popular and beautiful Haifa locales: Beit HaGefen, Wadi Nisnas and the German Colony.
December Fun in Haifa: Hag Shel HaHagim
People don’t usually think of Bnei Brak (sometimes spelled Bene Beraq on maps) as a Hanukkah destination, but during the Festival of Lights, this religious community just east of Tel Aviv twinkles with golden flames every bit as bright and beautiful as Jerusalem’s. Families throughout Israel light the candles in their homes, but those in religious communities take it one step further: they publicly advertise the miracle by placing their burning oil lamps and hanukkiot in aquarium-like glass cupboards on home exteriors throughout their neighborhoods.
Festival of Lights 2012: Having Fun…on and off the Beaten Path
As usual, the holiday times are filled with fun events. This Hanukkah we have lots of exciting events for you and your family!
What to do this Hanukkah in Israel
Tzfat (also referred to as Tsfat or Safed in English) is a popular destination for families who are looking for fun and meaningful activities during Hanukkah.
Hanukkah Highlights in Tzfat
Succot is one of the nicest times of the year to bring kids to Tzfat. While Tzfat, also known by many English-speakers as "Safed" has a reputation as a place that’s mainly dedicated to historical explorations, religious life and "spirituality," there are plenty of interactive activities for kids
Safed (Tzfat) Activities for Sukkot 2012
Last Pesach our family did something we rarely do, we went on a hike! For those of you who know me, I mean our extended family here. It’s not like we never to anything, we just don’t usually venture knee deep into muddy water to get anywhere. Our hikes usually consist of getting out of the car and having a picnic.
My Kids Loved the Hidden Waterfall!