A view on how to save on birthday gifts and parties.
Children’s Birthdays - Now For Something a Little Different
Did you know that kids are actually LESS active during the summer? Imagine that! They spend nearly 40 fewer hours per week sitting at a desk in their classroom (not to mention the sedentary time they spend doing homework after school) and they STILL get less exercise!
64 Ideas to Get Your Kids Active this Summer
How do we know if our child has ADHD? What are the signs and symptoms? Sara Silber M.Sc.Ed gives us a close look at what you need to know about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.
Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder– What Parents Should Know
The month of costumes and kreplach and candy are behind me. And the month of ajax and windex and clorox is upon me. Oy. This morning, though, I chose to devote myself to reading instead of cleaning. I decided to read every single “Top 10 Ways to Make Pesach Cleaning Easier” list I could get my hands/browser on. Below are my Top 10, Top 10 favorite tips. Enjoy, Jewish mom! Hope these help to make Passover cleaning easier for you (and for me) this year…
The Top 10 Tips for Easier Passover Cleaning
I lost my voice this week for 3 days. Any of my friends can tell you that I’m quite a chatty person, and for me, vocal rest is the equivalent of waterboarding. Ok, maybe not that bad, but I’m not happy needing to observe near monastic silence.
Blessings of a Lost Voice
This week we meet Tal Erin Shamberg, an exceptional home organizer and life coach who teaches us how to get it together!
Moms Talk Podcast Episode 5: Organizing your Home and Life
Israel Kids presents you with a full list of Keitanot (camps) for the week before Pesach 2012.
The Israel Kids List for Keitanot Pesach 2012
Reading daily with your child is critical to their development in many ways. There is no better way to increase vocabulary, teach literacy fundamentals, and expose your child to images and words to which they would otherwise not be exposed.
Seven Things You Should be Doing as You’re Reading to Your Child
Today we talked about Fitness and exercise with our guest, Shira Tjong Alveres. Shira is a Fitness instructor and personal trainer in the Modiin area. She teaches boot camp, private training, yoga, kids yoga blast, body sculpting and more. Check out her website
Moms Talk Podcast Episode 4: Exercise the Healthy Way
Welcome to Moms Talk! A weekly podcast with Laura and Avital. Today we talked about our outlook on food and healthy eating. We all know it’s important but how far should you go? We gave some tips and recipes (see below). Our Getting Creative segment was how to make a family collage for "Yom Hamishpacha" which is this Thursday.
Moms Talk Podcast Episode 3: Healthy Eating