Welcome to Moms Talk! A weekly podcast with Laura and Avital. Today we talked about our outlook on food and healthy eating. We all know it’s important but how far should you go? We gave some tips and recipes (see below). Our Getting Creative segment was how to make a family collage for "Yom Hamishpacha" which is this Thursday.
Moms Talk Podcast Episode 3: Healthy Eating
When I’m asked what I miss about living in the States, a few answers pop up - family, friends, Target and Sundays always make that list. A glorious day of nothing, sleeping in, lounging around in pajamas, doing errands, sometimes getting inspired enough to plan a little outing, but generally
Sick Days
It’s 5pm: Do you know what dinner will be? Ack! Does the mere mention of meal planning, make you groan? I can tell you that lack of meal planning is, hands down, the number one challenge faced by most of my clients
Meal Planning 101
Like umbrellas, wellington boots, jumping in puddles, and warm breath steaming up the cold car windows, soup is one of the best things about rainy weather. Nothing beats sitting down to a big bowl of nourishing soup, cupping it between your palms so it warms up your cold hands, and slowly slurping as it heats you from the inside out. Even though it inevitably makes my nose run, I do love me a good bowl of soup in winter. Actually, I’m a soup fan all year round. Gazpacho, cold carrot soup, yoghurt soup and chilled beet soup in summer, and just about anything hot and delicious in winter.
Rich and Thick Minestrone Soup
When I first came to Israel, I was introduced to gvina levana, white cheese. I saw rows and rows of it in the supermarket but I never bought it, not quite sure what to do with it.
Gvina Levana: Unlocking the Mystery
We modern parents are stretched to the limit. We work, we raise families, we have community obligations, and quite often money is as short as time. One area that seems safe to skimp on is food. We know that nutrition is important but it’s too dang hard to plan menus, buy healthy food that spoils before we get to use it, battle picky eaters, and cook meals from scratch the moment we walk in the door from an exhausting day.
Family Nutrition and the Smoothie
Yesterday, after a week of waking up in the morning with chilly feet, we retrieved our cozy down comforter from the closet, where it has been hibernating for the past seven months, and restored it to its rightful place on our bed. What joy! After a long, hot summer, I’m taking great pleasure snuggling into the crisp mornings and the cool evenings (while in between, it still feels like summer).
Warm Food for the Cold Weather
The holidays are over, kids are back in school, everyone is back on schedule (hopefully...) and the days are short. Really short. Too short to go to the park unless you’re super organized, and let’s face it, most of us are just happy if we can get out of the house with color coordinated outfits these days, much less pack all the extras we need to race to the park the second that we pick up the kids, to make the most of the half hour of daylight left. Martha wannabees, stop reading now, this article isn’t for you, we know that you’ve got perfectly nutritious snacks packed. Enjoy the park, we’re off searching for our sanity...
Mommy, I’m bored...
Like all mums, I am full of good intentions. My kitchen, in fact, is stocked with them: they’re peeping out of the cupboards in the form of lentils, quinoa and oats; they’re hiding in the fridge between the zucchini, carrots and green, leafy vegetables; they’ve even sneaked into my freezer disguised as ground beef, frozen broccoli and neatly stacked chicken breasts. So perhaps you can help me figure this out: if I have a wealth of good intentions, a variety of fine ingredients, and I really care about healthy eating… WHY is it so difficult to make nutritious, balanced meals for my family on a regular basis?
The Problem with Good Intentions...