Make some fun Chanukah crafts from inspiration on the web!
How to Make a Magnetic Chanukiah and More!
Not the artistic kind of mom? No worries. Here are some great ideas to inspire even the most un-crafty kind of parent. You show the kids the supplies and they will show you what to do.
Chanukah Craft Inspiration from the Web
In Israel, starting after Sukkot, we begin asking for rain in our daily prayers. In this part of the world, rain is crucial for our survival and we sorely need it. Teaching your kids about the many ways to save water at home, like short showers and turning water off while brushing, is so important. One of the ways you can start the conversation about water is through these crafts. The first one is perfect for little kids (age 1-3)
Crafting for Rain: Umbrellas and Snow Globes
Fall is here and the days are short. Perfect for a small project to do with your budding artists. Depending on how brave you are, here are some ideas off the internet for some fall crafts for your kids.
Crafting for the Fall
Ahhhh, the stunning sunsets that bring the daylight hours to a dramatic close.... at 16:30!!!! Goodbye park, farewell bike riding in the parking lot, so long bubble blowing on the porch. That’s right, daylight savings time is here, the days are short and unless you’ve got chuggim planned for the kiddies, you are stuck at home. What are you going to do to keep the kids busy till dinner time? Up until recently, that wasn’t an issue for me. #1 (almost 4) is happy playing by himself, and can keep himself occupied for hours, with very little input from me. Number 2 (16 months), on the other hand, is very happy reading books to herself, as long as she’s sitting in my lap.
9 Ways to Battle Boredom (in your Living Room)
Try one of these inspired rainbow craft ideas with your kids this week!
Crafting for Noach: A Roundup of Rainbows
The holidays are over, kids are back in school, everyone is back on schedule (hopefully...) and the days are short. Really short. Too short to go to the park unless you’re super organized, and let’s face it, most of us are just happy if we can get out of the house with color coordinated outfits these days, much less pack all the extras we need to race to the park the second that we pick up the kids, to make the most of the half hour of daylight left. Martha wannabees, stop reading now, this article isn’t for you, we know that you’ve got perfectly nutritious snacks packed. Enjoy the park, we’re off searching for our sanity...
Mommy, I’m bored...