Sukkot means family time, and what better way to spend that time in the open air, in the outdoors. Join Israeli dairy farmers and learn about caring for cows and goats, cheese making, and life on the farm. Here are some events for Sukkot 2011. Enjoy!

Sharon Region
Erez Lev Hasharon dairy farm

Family activities include petting animals and learning to prepare milk
Cost of activity - 30 NIS
Open Chol Hamoed, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 - 16:00, book in advance.
Telephone inquiries and coordinate in advance - Helen - 054-6629666, 057-3336669
Area: Off hwy 6
Kfar Hess

The festival will take place on Saturday, 15/10 10:00-16:00
The festival includes family activities:
Meeting with the artists and craftsmen at the museum
Guided tours of the museum
Visitor barn - Cook cheese and milk cows
Create sukkah decorations, basket weaving, and olive harvesting
Cost of activity - 35 NIS. Includes all activities (except basket weaving workshop).
Telephone inquiries and making an appointment - 04-6548974
Kibbutz Yifat off Afula/Haifa road
Meiri Dairy: Safed

This dairy is more than 170 years old and it was the first dairy to produce goat cheese. Join visitors in tasting the cheese produced this way for 6 generations. Tour the dairy and learn the art of cheese production.
Cost of activity - NIS 20 for adults, 15 per child age 3.
Times - all week. Friday and Shabbat closed.  The tour takes place at 12:00.
Telephone inquiries - 04-6921431, 052-3721609
Web site:
Yodfat Farm

Located in the Western Galilee, this charming dairy farm is surrounded by hills of grazing goats. Visitors taste the local cheeses and wine and eat in the restaurant.
Please arrange for a reservation
Phone inquiries - Dalia - 050-5327387
Az Iz Boutique Dairy 

Lovely views and great cheese. Offering a variety of activities for children and adults over Sukkot. 
Between Sukkot 13-22/10 10:00-17:00 
Learn to make cheese. 
Workshops for children: Preparing a personal pizza, workshops and delicious cheese balls, personalized cakes.
Variety of farm produce and farm products.
Activities by prior arrangement and payment.
Phone inquiries - Rinat 057-7292996, 077-3446535
Cost of activity - NIS 27 per participant.
Saturday, vacations, and during the Sukkot holiday: from 10.00 am. During the week, groups must be arranged in advance.
Telephone inquiries and appointment: Daphne 052-4696128, 04-6708141
Email: -
Kfar Hasidim

Kfar Hasidim is a farming village that maintains a modern dairy farm through the work of students and educational counselors. On 17.10.11 we are having an ecological festival with sales booths, crafts from recycled materials, music, tractor rides,  petting zoo, a visit to the barn and many more surprises!
There is an option for accommodation in the village an additional charge.
Cost of activity - 30 NIS adult, 20 NIS child.
Open Monday the -17.10.11 from 10:00-16:00
Telephone inquiries and appointment: 052-2859040, 052-3776022
Jerusalem Area
Goat Mountain Farm

This farm is an ecological project and the goats graze 365 days a year. Come to the farm and learn to produce goat’s milk cheese of all varieties:  fresh, spicy, ripe, soft, and semi-hard, yogurts and white cheese.Have a picnic and visit the petting area. 
Cost of activity - 60 NIS participant in the tour in Abu Ghosh.
Working hours - open on Chol Hamoed and Friday, by appointment
Telephone inquiries and coordinate in advance - 054-4934566, 02-5345660 054-4663353,
Tal Shahar- Goat Trail Visitors Center

Located in the foothills of Jerusalem is a boutique dairy that produces cheese, yogurts, rustic deli, and olives. There is garden accommodation and a balcony overlooking the beautiful, pastoral landscape.
We offer a variety of goat cheeses made in soft and hard place with no preservatives, natural yogurt and a variety of flavors, fresh goat milk and a variety of products: olive oil, honey, jams, wines, crackers, tools for preparing and serving cheese and more ... .
Chol Hamoed we are building a beautiful Sukkah and the children who visit can take part in decorating it. Instead of a coffee shop there is a kosher restaurant, that serves local produce. Open Sunday - Thursday  On Fridays, the menu expands with breakfast pastries and salads.
Open on Chol Hamoed and Friday. Sunday - Thursday 10:00-16:00, Fri 9:00-15:30. Groups by appointment. 
Telephone inquiries and making an appointment: Tel. 08-9495964, fax 08-9390834, email
The South
Kibbutz Lotan- Celebration of Milk

Ecological festival at Kibbutz lotan. Combine the festival with a tour of the goat farm. 
Families coming from the north has the possibility of accommodation in the guestrooms in the kibbutz.
Cost of activity - 25 NIS per participant.
By appointment, during the intermediate days (not Saturday) at 10:00. Phone inquiries and to schedule in advance Daphne 054-9799030, 08-6356935 Site:

Ramat Negev Regional Council 

Enjoy this farm and the scenery around it. Go for a tour and a brief explanation choosing goats to raise and how to care for them.  (milking between the hours of 15:30 to 17:00)
Taste the cheeses we produce and buy your own at our boutique store. Cost of activity - 18 NIS participant, an hour tour. Working hours - open during the intermediate days and weekends, by appointment. Telephone inquiries and coordinate in advance - Gadi 054-4218789,  or 054-4218788 Leah

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