chanuka crafts

Part of the fun of Chanukah is the anticipation, and aside from eating sufganiot for 2 weeks before, another great way to get your kids excited is through arts and crafts. My kids love these black magic kits they sell at the craft stores before Chanukah. They are no mess, instant, and the results are gorgeous. Plus they are perfect for young kids and since they are mess-free, they are also perfect for Chanukah parties. 

chanukah party

Buy the better quality black magic kits and get started. You will need:

  • A covered table
  • Extra wooden sticks (like skewers), depending on how many come with the set
  • Nothing else!! Just your creative self!

chanukah party

I think this idea is perfect for a party because it's no mess and everyone enjoys. As you see from the picture above, people of all ages can enjoy this craft. 

If you don't bring them to a party, try doing this craft the week before and decorate your walls and windows with these classic Chanukah shapes.

Some more ideas for designs:

  • Classic Chanukah phrases such as "Hanerot hallalu anu madlikim" or "Nes gadol haya po/sham"
  • Make silly/interesting faces
  • Jewish symbols like a Magen David
  • Or different shapes- anything goes here!
Happy Chanukah!
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