If you are visiting Jerusalem or are just staying local, there is so much to see and do. Visit any of the museums for craft workshops and tours. The Zoo and Botanical Gardens (pictured above) are all having special events. And if you want a taste of the outdoors, try the Ein Yael Museum and try your hand at basket weaving and paper making! Sound interesting? Here is a full list of Jerusalem kids events for Pesach 2012:

David Citadel Sound and Light Show.- The walls of the Citadel are used as a stage for a multi-sensory experience.

"Jerusalem on Ice" - Exhibition and Skating Rink. The "City of Ice" contains three arenas: an ice sculpture area, ice skating rink and a children's play area around ice.

Pesach Art Workshop at the Museum of Islamic Art. Create your own Pesach plate and wine goblet.

“Pesach for Four Hands" - Tower of David Museum Tour and Workshop. A guided tour of the museum and a creative workshop for making a 3D theater castles

Pesach at the Old Yishuv Court Museum, Old City - Activities. Search for the afikomen, enjoy creative activities, and games, and a tour of the museum.

Israel Museum FREE to Children - Hol HaMoed Pesach. Have a day of culture and enjoy the exhibitions at the Israel Museum.

Keitanat Pesach, Israel Museum, Jerusalem. A Pesach keitana will be held at the Israel Museum.

Pesach Art Activity - Museum Workshop. Make a baby Moses in his basket, an Egyptian theater doll, or a clay sculpture.

"Not Just a Story" - Theater. A librarian and a police officer embark on an adventure to save the imagination of children.

"Chanale and the Shabbat Dress”  - Story Theater. Chanale is ready for Shabbat in her white dress, but it gets dirty after she performs good deeds.

"Where is Mrs. Gabbai?" - Street Theater. This is street theater which takes place in the alleyways of Yemin Moshe.

"Dream Trackers" - Street Theater, Yemin Moshe. The actors in this production will teach you how to understand dreams in a magical way.

"The Cube Circus" - Show. The actors wear cubes and dance with them. They combine puppetry and dance theater.

"Three Wishes" - Story Theater. The production combines three well-known stories that incorporate wishes.

Underground Prisoner’s Museum - Tour and Workshops. Enjoy a craft workshops or take a tour of the museum.

The Botanical Gardens, Fair and Workshops. Included in the festivities  will be kite and scarecrow workshops and a giant puzzle game.

 Festival at Ein Yael "Hands-On Museum" - Workshops & Theater. They are offering numerous workshops and a theater show.

Israel Kids is a Fun Family Guide to Local Events and Activities around Israel. Choose your city to get started and you will find our very own local activities on the right side.

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