Don't look so glum, some delicious juice awaits you.  Want to hear about "The Juice Tree"?  It's being presented this Tuesday in Raanana for only 15 NIS.

We have made a separate blog for you with a list of Purim events.  Here, we're listing for you everything else that you might like to participate in this coming week, that doesn't take place on the days of Purim.

We've highlighted all activities that cost only 15 NIS or less.

Don't forget to come back frequently and search our events page for happenings in your city.

Tel Aviv

"The Lion that Loved Strawberries" - Story Time, Holon - only 10 NIS

"Eliezer and the Carrot" -  Story Theater, Holon - only 10 NIS

"The Miller’s Daughter" - Story Theater, Holon - only 10 NIS

“The Spiffiest Giant in the World” - Story Time, Holon - only 10 NIS

"The Shy Noisemaker" - Theater

"Shmulik the Hedgehog" - Story Time - only 10 NIS

"The Costumed Egg" - Story Time - only 10 NIS

"Art Any Way - Exploring the Wheel"- Museum Exhibition

“A B See Do” - Museum Exhibition  

Children Build a Story “From Story to Showtime” - Creative Workshop, Dizengoff Center

"The Olympic Experience" -  Interactive Museum Exhibition

"Pazit Noni Puppet and Guitar" - Show

“Dialogue in the Dark” - Children's Musuem Holon, Guided Tour

“Invitation to Silence” - Children's Musuem Holon, Guided Tour



"Triple Tuesdays - Hanna’s Shabbat Dress" - Story and Art Workshop

"The Story of Legends" - Story Theater, Kiryat HaYovel

David Citadel Sound and Light Spectacular

"Days of Innocence" - Illustrations of Children’s Books, Museum Exhibit

"City of Ice" - Activities and Show


"The Juice Tree" - Story Theater - only 15 NIS

"The Spiffiest Giant in the World" - Story Theater

"Tuli the Cat and Friends" - Story Time and Workshop - only 15 NIS

"The Forest"  - Activities and Workshops, Mall Event

Kfar Saba

"Peter’s Picture" - Story Time, Kfar Saba - FREE

"The Giant and His Garden" - Story Theater, Kfar Saba - only 10 NIS


"Apartment to Rent" - Story Time

"The Hat Seller" - Story Time



A fine performance of "Rumpelstiltskin" ("Utz Li Gutz Li") will be taking place this Tuesday at Kibbutz Tzora near Beit Shemesh.


Beit Shemesh

"Rumpelstiltskin" - Story Theater, Kibbutz Tzora


"Night Without a Moon" - Story Time - only 10 NIS

"Tamar's Magic Hat" - Story Theater

"Amelia’s Father is Going to Australia" - Story Theater


"What do the Trees do?" - Museum Exhibition

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Charmaine Dupont says:
It would really be nice to see listed events for the Zichron Yacov and Karkur areas. There is a fair amount of English speakers there. Thanks