The above photo is from a cute looking show called "Party at Mouse Kindergarten" on this Friday - Sunday in Tel Aviv, about the ability to select and develop  personal taste, and the importance of allowing everyone the right to express his/her personal style within a group.

Wanna have some fun out of the sun?  There's some good theater in Tel Aviv and environs this week. Take a look.  Of course, we've listed great activities for our other fine cities too.  We've highlighted the events below that cost only 15 NIS or less.

Don't forget to come back frequently and search our events page for happenings in your city.

Tel Aviv

"Mozart’s Surprise Box" - Children’s Opera

"The Flower With the Golden Heart" - Story Theater, Holon - only 10 NIS

"The Wizard of Oz" - Story Time, Holon - only 10 NIS

"Gulliver in Lilliput" - Musical Story, Holon - only 10 NIS

"The Pied Piper of Hamelin" - Story Theater, Holon

"Upchi" - Show

"Neighbors" - Theater

"Candy Between The Mountains" - Story Theater

"King Solomon and the Bee" - Story Theater

"Jungle Drums" - Story and Movement, Ramat Gan - only 15 NIS

"The Prince Plots" - Theater. Ramat Gan

"Party at Mouse Kindergarten" - Theater

"Art Any Way - Exploring the Wheel"- Museum Exhibition

“A B See Do” - Museum Exhibition  

Children Build a Story “From Story to Showtime” - Creative Workshop, Dizengoff Center

"The Olympic Experience" -  Interactive Museum Exhibition

"Pazit Noni Puppet and Guitar" - Show

“Dialogue in the Dark” - Children's Musuem Holon, Guided Tour

“Invitation to Silence” - Children's Musuem Holon, Guided Tour



"Triple Tuesday" - Story Time and Activity

"Winter Gnomes" - Toddler Theater - only 15 NIS

"The Rain Bird" Paper Legend - Theater

"The Marzipan Fairy" - Story Theater, Pisgat Ze'ev

"The Ugly Duckling" - Show

"Little Michal in the Kingdom of Love" - Musical Show

"Rinat" - Mall Show - FREE

"The Jungle Book - Friends Forever" - Musical


"Yoav’s Tortoise" - Story Theater

"Rumpelstiltskin" - Story Theater

"The Elephant That Wanted To Be The Best" - Story Theater - only 15 NIS

"Baldy Heights" - TheaterEnough Kisses

Have you had "Enough Kisses"If not, enjoy this FREE story in Kfar Saba this Sunday or Tuesday.

Kfar Saba

"Enough Kisses" - Story Time, Kfar Saba - FREE

"I Am Me And I Am Special" - Story Time, Kfar Saba - only 10 NIS

"The Very Fairy Princess" - Story Time - FREE


"Shmulik the Hedgehog" - Show, Mall Event - FREE

"Chicks" - Mommy and Baby Mall Event



Story Time and Music at Steimatzky - Mall Event - FREE

Story Time and Activity, Tzomet Sfarim, Azrieli Mall - FREE



"The Legend of the Lion and the Mouse" - Story Theater

"Mr. Zuta and the Apple Tree" - Story in Song

"Don't Worry, Teddy" - Story Time Steimatzky - FREE

"Chicks" - Mommy and Baby Mall Event, Rehovot - FREE


Givat Shmuel

"The Emperor’s New Clothes" - Story Theater

"The Flower With The Golden Heart" - Theater, Mall Event - FREE



"The Nightingale and the Chinese King" - Story Time

"What do the Trees do?" - Museum Exhibition

"My Mother is the Most" - Story Time - FREE


Northern Israel

Tour of Lamp Cave, Beit Shearim


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