Poor "Savta Mina from Binyamina", her wonderful children and grandchildren live far away from her and she has to take a train ride in order to visit them.  You can hear all about Savta Mina and her woes this Wednesday in Raanana.

The weekly events are beginning to reflect our forthcoming spring and Pesach.  It's such a lovely time of year in Israel. There is a sense of renewal and the weather is at its best.

We have found 3 lovely tiyulim for you to do up north this Friday.  Take a look.

We've highlighted all activities that cost only 15 NIS or less.

Don't forget to come back frequently and search our events page for happenings in your city.

Tel Aviv

"The Mouse and the Apple" - Story Time - only 10 NIS

"Dad is Shameful" - Story Time - only 10 NIS

"Mozart’s Surprise Box" - Children’s Opera

"The Smile of King Agrippas" - Story Time, Holon - only 10 NIS

"Flower, Flower, Don’t Cry" - Story Time, Holon  - only 10 NIS

"The Enormous Turnip" - Story Time, Holon - only 10 NIS

"The Frog Prince" - Story Time, Holon  - only 10 NIS

"Winnie the Pooh" - Story Time

"Gymboree" - Activities - FREE

"The Giving Tree" - Theater

"The Minstrel in the Land of Oz" - Story Theater, Ramat Gan

"Shula the Ant is Sick" - Story Time - only 10 NIS

"Art Any Way - Exploring the Wheel"- Museum Exhibition

“A B See Do” - Museum Exhibition  

"The Olympic Experience" -  Interactive Museum Exhibition

"Pazit Noni Puppet and Guitar" - Show

“Dialogue in the Dark” - Children's Musuem Holon, Guided Tour

“Invitation to Silence” - Children's Musuem Holon, Guided Tour



"Triple Tuesday - Who Knows One?" - Story Time and Activity

"The Story of the Carrot" - Toddler Theater - only 15 NIS

"Petrushka" - Puppet Theater

"Thumbelina" - Story Time - only 10 NIS

David Citadel Sound and Light Spectacular

"Days of Innocence" - Illustrations of Children’s Books, Museum Exhibit

"City of Ice" - Activities and Show


"Savta Mina from Binyamina" - Story Theater

"Shmulik the Hedgehog" - Story Theater

"Spring Happening for the Whole Family" - Activities and Shows - FREE

"Elijah's Cup" - Story Theater - only 15 NIS

"Where is Pluto?" - Story Time - only 15 NIS

"Story in Miniature" - Workshop

"The Forest"  - Activities and Workshops, Mall Event

Kfar Saba

"Ayelet Travels" - Story Theater, Kfar Saba - only 10 NIS

"Stories in English" - Story Time, Kfar Saba - FREE


"The Princess That Wanted the Moon" - Story Time

"Joseph's Wonderful Coat" - Story Time

"The Three Butterflies" - Story and Movement



Not to be missed, "The Gruffalo"  in ENGLISH at the Modiin Central Library, this Thursday.  Only 15 NIS.


"The Gruffalo" - Story Time - only 15 NIS

"Gali" - Musical

"Granny Knits Stories" - Puppet Theater


Givat Shmuel

"The Blue Engine That Could" - Story Time


 “The Mouse is Waiting” - Story Theater - only 10 NIS

"David and Goliath" - Theater

"Nishikesem" (Kiss Magic) - Story Time - FREE


"Beigale" - Story Theater

"Apartment to Rent" - Story Time - only 15 NIS

"Peter and the Wolf" - Story Time - only 15 NIS

"What do the Trees do?" - Museum Exhibition

Be'er Sheva

"The Witch From The House Opposite" - Theater

"The Prince Plots" - Theater

Northern Israel

"Gilboa March" - Tiyul

"Tiyul to Ochberg Lookout" Park Ramot Menashe, Megiddo - FREE

"Via the View" - Beit Keshet Forest - Tiyul - FREE


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