picking flowers in kedma

Less than an hour away from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem is Kedma, a place you can pick your own Nuriot (flowers) at a symbolic price. It's a gorgeous place and a great family activity and it just opened this week in time for Pesach!

picking flowers in kedma

Where: Yishuv Kedma, 3 km south of tzomet kastina

When: Starting March 23rd, on chol hamoed Pesach, and Fridays-Shabbat in April and May 3-4. (call before to confirm)


What: Cut your own flowers. Choose from 100 different species of Nuriot in gorgeous fields at Yishuv Kedma.

Cost: Pay 40 NIS and you get a giant vase to fill up and special scissors for cutting flowers. 

Tel: 052-2676780 (call in advance)

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