givat humra

A great way to spend a Friday or free day in February or March is to go have a picnic or hike at Givat Humra. The flowers are in bloom and it is the perfect weather to get out for a few hours. 

givat chumra

If you are adventurous, try the circular hike that can be found here.

givat humra

Or you can bring a picnic lunch and enjoy some family time. 

givat humra

Either way, you'll enjoy this setting and it is so centrally located, how could you not try it?

givat humra

How to get to Givat Humra:

Take highway 4 (Ashdod-Tel Aviv) to Gan Raveh interchange. Turn towards Palmachim on road 4311. After about 4.5 km, there will be a sign for Givat Humra. 

Print out the map of the hike here. Or get the full directions here. 

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