Dentist's office, made by Lia Goldmeier, aged 9 from Kfar Mallal.

Are you looking for a new art chug for yourself or your kids?  Allow us to introduce you to Nava Steinmetz. 

Nava Steinmetz

Nava makes delightful miniature scenes in three-dimensional frames.  She specializes in creating works that are inspired by people's occupations or workplaces.

She also crafts a range of Judaica.  I love this work of art below -  a Shabbat scene.Shabbat scene

How did these wonderful works or art come about?  A while back, Nava needed a gift for her husband's doctor.  She wanted something unique, so she decided to build a miniature model of his clinic. She built a reduced version of the room, inserted a small table and chair, added a miniature computer and keyboard, along with a stethoscope, cup, pens and blood test results.  She also pasted photographs and a diploma with his title to the wall.  Nava framed it with a wooden frame and presented it to the doctor.  As you can imagine, he was tremendously excited with his gift.  His enthusiasm encouraged Nava to develop her skills, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Owing to many requests from budding artists, Nava began teaching the art of building these charming pictures.  Today, she has a studio in Raanana where she holds workshops and keitanot for both children and adults. I went to visit Nava in her studio while a workshop was in session.  I got a chance to meet some charming young ladies who were happy to fill me in about their work. You need a lot of patience to create a good scene, though the dentist's office pictured above, took only two weeks.  Some lucky grand-dad is going to be the recipient of that particular work.


Bedroom - created by Shira Maman

So, does miniature art tickle you fancy?

In the coming two weeks, Nava will be holding 2 workshops for the Municipality at Yad Lebanim in Raanana, on March 14 and 21, for children ages 5 - 10.  See our link Story in Miniature.

Nava will be offering a 10% discount for her upcoming Pesach keitana for readers of Israel Kids.

Nava can be found at her studio at 3 Rehov HaBanim, Raanana.  on Facebook, or you can call her at 0505-322201.  

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